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Focus offers a range of specialist rental equipment from ROV suites, NDT suites, cameras to cleaning units all located in our Perth, Australia warehouse.

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Vehicle Support suite

Focus Technology Solutions has electrically driven Winches and Davits are robust and advanced vehicle handling system that safely control the launch, operation and recovery of work class and inspection class ROV.


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Davit (with optional winch)


Focus Technology Solutions utilises and provides a deck mounted davit, with winch, rated to 180kg at 3.0 metre extension, for the launch and recovery of observation class ROVs



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Focus Technology Solutions Electric VSD Winch is capable of a 900kg maximum line pull and a drum speed of up to 20 M/min. This pendant operated winch is lightweight and compact design for easy installation and portable use.


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Torque Logger

The Focus Technology Solutions Torque Logger is the ultimate in torque machine logging and control for small or large manual or automatic torque machines. From a simple manual torque machine to a semi or fully automatic torque makeup machine, the ARC-7000 has the flexibility to be installed on any machine.

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Mini Torque Logger

The Focus Technology Solutions Mini Torque Logger is the perfect torque machine logging for manual torque machines and tongs. Pressure or loadcell based recording offers flexible machine type installation. We can also offer custom solutions to meet your requirements.

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Jar Tester

The Focus Technology Solutions Jar Tester Logger is the ultimate in logging and control for small or large jars that can be used to capture test load. From pressure based to load cell options, we can offer you the logging solution you need. Customs solutions using this logger are also available.

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AMT Camera

The Anchor Monitoring Technology (AMT) camera allows the deployment and retrieval of secondary anchors offline, by ensuring anchors wires and chains do not hang up or catch on the rig structures during mooring operations that anchors are always racked correctly.

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Downhole Camera

Our internal drill string cameras are compact, robust and intuitive. The FS-5PTID camera is capable of inserting depth down to 500m and features automatic level winding and recording capabilities.


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Falcon High Pressure Unit

The Jetwave Falcon 200 is the perfect electric pressure washer for various cleaning applications. Incorporating quality Italian and global components, the Falcon is engineered, assembled and packed with style and advent graded features.

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1228G Cavi-blaster

1228G is a compact and lightweight system with superior cleaning performance utilising the Ultra-cavitation technology which brings no damage to the coating or cleaning surface.

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2828D Cavi-blaster

The Focus Technology Solutions provides 2828D Cavi-blaster unit with a powerful unit that generates a superior cleaning performance utilizing the High velocity cavitation technology for highly efficient cleaning.

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Cathodic Protection Gauge

Focus Technology Solutions supplies CP gauge, which is a lightweight and versatile instrument, that provides a means of carrying out cathodic protection potential measurements. It has been designed for use with divers or ROVs inspection.

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Our mini ROV mountable UT gauge can be mounted onto small observation ROVs with or without manipulator. Its multiple-Echo was mode and classed for accurate, through-coat measurement on various assets.

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USBL Gauge

Focus's Track Link system provides USBL acoustic tracking with fully integrated high speed acoustic communication delivering clients underwater tracking and communication capabilities at sharply reduced cost and increased robustness.

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Seatooth S100 PipeLogger

Focus Technology Solutions supplies the subsea pipe logger, which can be used to measure the internal temperature, corrosion, flow, leaks and vibration of subsea pipelines without the need to physically penetrate the pipe wall.

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REACH ALPHA 5 manipulator

Focus Technology Solutions supplies the world's smallest, lightest multi-function electric manipulator for the harsh subsea environments.

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