Installation & Decommissioning solutions

Focus Technology Solutions is the official partner of Laytrix Marine Technologies. Our products have been designed for maximum utilisation at minimal cost with functionality covering pipelay, cable lay, decommissioning and subsea handling.

Pipe Lay Mode

In pipelay mode the system can be configured for J-Lay operations with a range of angles from 90 degrees down to 10 degrees and in water depths of approximately 200m with pipe diameters of up to 12”.

Our equipment is suited to maximum line tensions in the region of 100 tonnes with our pipe cassette enabling efficient loading of pipe onto the vessel and into the tower maximising the speed of the system.

The use of a vessel of opportunity or an existing charter within the fleet further enhances the cost savings appeal of the system.

Carbon Capture and Storage Pipelines

For Carbon Capture and Storage projects such as Teesside Net Zero, a shallow water deployment variant of the Laytrix pipeline system was developed. This has a limited range of lay angles but allows a double length cassette to be used with 24m long pipeline sections significantly improving the efficiency of operations.

The system has been designed for use with mechanical connectors (in place of welded joints) saving considerable time when the pipeline is being constructed. These connectors, spaced every 24m, will further assist with the mitigation of low temperature lateral buckling (important for CCS pipelines) acting as buckling arrestors.

Flex Lay Mode

In flexlay mode for use with either cables, umbilicals or flexible pipes the main tower structure can be configured with a tensioner and alignment chute akin to traditional systems with the lower hang-off clamp able to facilitate a maximum line tension of around 100 tonnes.

Tensioner can be client supply or hired in from a third party again minimising the capital costs of the systems.

Pipeline Recovery

In recovery mode the mechanical connection system or welding unit is swapped out for a set of hydraulic shears capable of cutting a catenary into 12m sections which are then handed across into the cassette system allowing rapid offloading of recovered materials.

The systems has been explored for use in bundle recovery allowing alternatives to existing procedures and operations.

Pipe Bundle Decommissioning

In bundle recovery mode, the system can configured in two ways depending on the size of the bundle.

For smaller bundles the cassette can be designed to store 2, 3 or 4 sections of the bundle maximising efficiency while for larger bundles the cassette is removed from the system and sections of the bundle are handled by the tower onto a deck trolley.

The same principles of operation apply to pipeline recovery with the bundle pulled in, a section removed while the remaining catenary is clamped at the base of the tower and the process repeated until the bundle is split into a series of handleable section.

Cargo Handling

The design of the system allows the lay tower to be used in launch and recovery or handling operations via the removal of the cassette. This innovation allows the system to be used in a standard A-Frame mode for subsea handling operations or allows it to be used for self-loading or unloading of the cassettes onto the vessel negating the need for quayside or vessel craneage allowing operations in remote areas or in more cost effective harbours.