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06/12/2022 - Subsea spool inspection  

This year, after a series of prototyping and wet testing, we have eventually deployed our subsea MAC for the subsea vibration survey. It is the first time that Motion amplification technology used for the subsea infrastructure inspection, it is easy to interface with work class ROV, it enables live amplitude data acquisition and dynamic imaging data extraction without bringing downtime to the vessel. 

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30/11/2022 - Pipeline inspection 

Focus just successfully finished another inspection campaign at Dongara, WA. We have deployed our Falcon+ ROV system for the pipeline and the fixed platform inspection. This work is to ensure the integrity of the production assets for the ongoing energy demand.

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13/08/2022 - Introducing Subsea MAC

Subsea MAC is a sophisticated subsea imaging system that can visualise vibration and provide accurate and comprehensive detection of faults. We are at the testing stage of the technology development, and we believe the successful delivery of this technology can revolutionize subsea asset vibration monitoring.

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13/07/2022 - Marine engine inspection 

A few weeks back, Focus team was engaged by Scania Group to provide a vibration survey on a pair of marine engines installed in the pilot vessel. Instead of using conventional vibration sensor, we have used a revolutionary technology called motion amplification.

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An exciting update!
We are pleased to announce that Focus has been confirmed as the regional agent for Laytrix. The team at Laytrix have a wealth of knowledge in design and operations of lay and recovery equipment for pipe and cable products. We look forward to presenting the Laytrix suite of solutions to the decommissioning players in Australia.

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