Advanced NDT services

Focus Technology Solutions are your expert for subsea and underwater NDT techniques, the attending class surveyor or engineer can witness real-time video and NDT findings. With our ROV fleet and in-house engineering, we can provide you with accurate and useful data for node inspections, class UWILD and other structural inspections.

Focus delivers optimised and Class accredited UWILD ROV inspections. Our services utilise our in-house designed and engineered NDT solutions providing 100% diverless operations.


Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)

    • The ideal solution for UWILD, node inspections, compact deck footprint, low cost and low risk;
    • ROV does all of the cleaning preparation including heavy marine growth removal prior to inspection;
    • Can be deployed on any underwater structures from a vessel or host structure;


    Cathodic Protection Survey

      • Direct Contact CP readings – for absolute potential spot readings;
      • Proximity CP readings - using either a direct (earth wire) link to the asset under inspection or by use of a remote half-cell for free flying.;
      • Field Gradient readings – when the twin cell probe is fitted the system will display field gradient readings in both proximity form and during direct contact allowing for prevailing anode activity to be confirmed rather than visually estimated.;



    Ultrasonics Thickness Gauging

      • The perfect solution for determining the steel thickness of jetty piles, tank floors, ship hulls and pipe works;
      • Multiple-Echo mode for accurate measurement specified by Class society;
      • Lightweight and ROV deployed solution without diver intervention;
      • No need to remove coating;
      • Integrated with our in-water cleaning solutions;


      Flooded Member Detection (FMD)

        • Effective detection of offshore platforms and other structures for cracks, weld defects or leaks by gamma source;
        • Minimal marine growth cleaning requirement;
        • Lightweight and ROV deployed without diver intervention;


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