Robotic in-water cleaning

Focus Technology Solutions has a range of in-house cleaning capabilities (including HP cleaning and Cavi-blasting) by using ROV for marine growth removal.

Focus is an innovator in in-water cleaning. Our services utilise high pressure jetting and cavitation cleaning to achieve the most efficient and safest cleaning operation. 


Marine growth found on the underwater structures such as, platforms,  jetties, pipe works and vessel hulls can be naturally formed within 4 weeks. Hard marine growth like barnacle and mussels can be formed within 6 months. For some areas, they are considered with ecological values. However, marine growth brings risks of biologically induced corrosion to some steel piles, inefficiency to vessel fuel consumption and risk of invasive species. A good biofouling management is in need, this include a proper in-water cleaning.

Our ROV fleet is capable of carrying out both precise and area cleaning using our customised cleaning tool without damaging the target surface. This is a cost-effective and efficient approach to cleaning the marine growth on the vessels to save the fuel consumption and underwater assets like piers and jetties for NDT, to understand the asset condition and also improve the structural integrity.


In-water partial cleaning

Marine growth poses many challenges for carrying out asset integrity inspections. Focus Technology Solutions has a massive capability for in-water cleaning, which can enhance your overall results by using our efficient and smart methods and technologies.




    • Sea chest;
    • Jetties;
    • Water in-take;
    • Buoy;
    • Niche Area cleaning;



    In-water large area cleaning

    Marine growth poses huge problems to large underwater structures like hull, which can increase drag and cause extra 10-15% of fuel consumption; offshore rigs, which can increase the weights by 10% and adding difficulties for decommissioning; offshore fishnet, which increase the production cost by approximately 10%. With our capability of efficient large area cleaning, all the marine growth can be removed and partially captured upon requests.



      • Hull cleaning;
      • Sheet pile wall cleaning;
      • Pool cleaning;
      • Fish net cleaning;


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