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Our cutting edge Motion Amplification Technology enables users to see and measure the above ground and subsea assets motion & vibration that is unable to capture from the normal visual inspection.

What is Motion Amplification technology?

Motion Amplification is a revolutionary technology that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye. Every pixel becomes a sensor creating millions of data points in an instant, which can be used as vibration measurement location. Instead of 10-12 measurements from traditional device, the analyst can get vibration information from millions of locations, which unlocks the potential for vibration analysis. 

Our Motion amplification technology is fast to process, accurate to interpret, and easy to operate, allowing cost-effective instrument deployment.

Major benefits of our Motion Amplification technology

  • Data acquisition without downtime;


  • Live troubleshooting tool for your team to fix it immediately;


  • Efficient and more visual alternatives to traditional ODS;


  • Easy to operate and provide instant result;


  • Non-contact solution;


  • Efficient communication between technical and non-technical resources;


Our Case Studies:




Our Motion Amplification technology is a pioneering solution for subsea infrastructure inspection. It seamlessly integrates with ROVs and is deployed on a subsea tripod/stand. The system instantly acquires amplitude and phase data and transfers it topside without causing any downtime or data loss. This data capture method surpasses subsea loggers, providing both time and risk savings.




Detecting faults quickly on marine engines can be challenging, but Focus successfully carried out a survey on a Scania engine. Videos and data were acquired from both the port and starboard engines at speeds ranging from 650 RPM to 2000 RPM. After video processing and phase mapping, the results indicated that the port side turbo on the port engine was vibrating out of phase with the main engine at 2000 RPM, which may be causing the oil pipe to vibrate.




Conducting a vibration survey can be challenging, especially when there are a large number of components to inspect. Focus successfully carried out a survey at a chemical plant, capturing a large amount of vibration data from pipes and engines within hours. Immediate findings were presented to the client, showing minor issues such as soft footing and looseness, but indicating that the majority of the inspected components appeared to be secure in their integrity.

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