ROV Inspection

Focus Technology Solutions is well equipped to deliver inspection solutions across a wide range of underwater settings. We also offer NDT and data analytics with ROV inspection to deliver a complete solution for our clients.

ROV fleet

Focus Technology Solutions has a range of ROV capability from micro to Light Work class ROV to meet our clients requirements.


SEAEYE FALSON is an excellent ROV for inspection, surveys and offshore support works, it can be deployed in a fully self-contained single lift container. It is capable of offering NDT, heavy intervention/tooling, in-water cleaning capability and advanced data capturing.

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ARGUS ROVER is a proven system capable of offering drilling, survey and IMR operations. It is capable of carrying various toolings, such as torque tools, cutters, CP probes and survey equipment. Flexible depth rating up to 2000m and equipped with a 4 function manipulator.

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ROV capability package

Focus Technology Solutions offer a range of specialised ROV inspection packages to solve the challenges faced by the clients from different industries in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner.

ROV Subsea Inspection Package


Focus Subsea ROV & topside installation

ROV Vessel Support package


ROV Onshore Support Package


Major benefits of Focus Technology Solutions Inspection:

Focus Subsea provides underwater inspection services with ROVs.

No risk of harm to people or the environment

Cost Effectiveness


Minimum impact to operations

Project delivery and methodology:

Extensive operational knowledge

Common sense & practical approach

Dependable & Reliable

We innovate and develop custom solutions

Focus’s optimised and Class accredited inspection services offer a range of inspection capabilities other than HD videos, gives asset owners alternatives than conventional ROV inspection.

Advanced NDT

Focus Technology Solutions is experienced with a range of NDT techniques, the attending Class surveyor can witness real time video and NDT readings including Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), Eddie Current (EC) , Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Cathodic Potential (CP) both on-site or remotely. With our ROV tooling, tether-powered equipment, we can provide the most accurate and compliant data in various working environment.

Motion Amplification Technology

Focus Technology Solutions has pioneered the technique of subsea Motion Amplification. This unique and innovative approach is able to provide amplitude, frequency, motion/phase mapping data of subsea assets subjected to vibration.


3D Photogrammetry

Our imaging technique enables the use of single or dual cameras to accurately capture the underwater assets in 3D models with dimension measurements. The technique is able to save the cost and time for our clients to make decisions on assets maintenance.

Robotic In-Water Cleaning

Focus Technology Solutions has a range of in-house cleaning capabilities (including HP cleaning and Cavi-cleaning) by using ROV on marine growth removal rather than hiring divers for the dangerous jobs.

We are experienced in large area underwater non-damage cleaning, and partial cleaning on the structures that need visual inspections or NDT for the future assessments.


Focus is accredited by ABS and Lloyd's Register for in-water survey using a range of NDT techniques.

Contact us to discuss your needs and the details of the task, so that together we can tailor the most effective solution for your project.

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