Anchor Monitoring services

Major benefits of Focus Technology Solutions' Anchor Monitoring Technology (AMT)

You can save up to 72 hours of valuable operational time during every rig move using Focus Technology Solutions' unique Anchor Monitoring ™ system.

  • Extra assurance;
    • Safe mooring installation;
    • No risk of damage to structure;
  • Cost efficiency;
    • Rent or buy depending on your needs;
    • ROI in 3 rig moves or less;
  • Reliability;
    • Optimised package;
    • Support 24 hour operations;
  • Minimum impact to operations;
    • Installed while ballasted down;
    • No hot work needed.

Technical Approach and Methodology

The AMT system allows the deployment and retrieval of secondary anchors offline, by ensuring that anchor wires and chains do not hang up or catch on the rig structure during mooring operations and that anchors are always racked correctly.

At the beginning of a well the rig can begin drilling operations once the primary anchors are set and tensioned. At the end of the well, the rig can commence retrieval of secondary anchors as soon as well operations are complete or during recovery of the BOP and cutting of casing.

The rig can then be towed at drilling draft as racking of primary and secondary anchors can be observed without the need to ballast up. Also, stability of the rig at drilling draft during the rig move allows for keeping pipe racked up in the derrick, further maintenance and crane operations to take place, subject to weather permitting.

The heart of the AMT systems consists of four 360° custom designed pan and tilt camera each with a dedicated launch and recovery system.

Comparing Focus Technology Solutions services with alternatives:

No Focus AMT

With Focus AMT

  • Ballasting up and down and associated additional operations
  •   Rig move on drilling draft, some operational activities possible
  • AHT and rig are guessing
  •   AHT and rig are talking facts
  • Equipment damage and anchors racked incorrectly
  •   No contact with the structure and anchors are racked properly
  • No operations until all moorings in place and tested
  •   Operations may commence after primary anchors tested
  • High NPT, low reliability
  •   High reliability, up to 72 hours time saving per rig move

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